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Nonpsychot brain syn NOS DISO:ICD9CM
Unspecified nonpsychotic mental disorder following organic brain damage DISO:ICD9CM
Dementia in conditions classified elsewhere DISO:ICD9CM
Ac alcohol intox-contin DISO:ICD9CM
Acute alcoholic intoxication in alcoholism, continuous DISO:ICD9CM
Ac alcohol intox-episod DISO:ICD9CM
Acute alcoholic intoxication in alcoholism, episodic DISO:ICD9CM
Lat schizophren-subchr DISO:ICD9CM
Latent schizophrenia, subchronic DISO:ICD9CM
Lat schizo-subchr/exacer DISO:ICD9CM
Latent schizophrenia, subchronic with acute exacerbation DISO:ICD9CM
Latent schizo-chr/exacer DISO:ICD9CM
Latent schizophrenia, chronic with acute exacerbation DISO:ICD9CM
Schizoaffectve dis-remis DISO:ICD9CM
Schizoaffective disorder, in remission DISO:ICD9CM