CONC2_YXZ (143,100) Find_IDs Annotation
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Occultism CONC:LCH_NW
Drugs--Prices CONC:LCH_NW
Colonies CONC:LCH_NW
Hospital utilization CONC:LCH_NW
Organizational effectiveness CONC:LCH_NW
Food--Quality CONC:LCH_NW
Transition temperature CONC:LCH_NW
Groundwater CONC:LCH_NW
Adulthood CONC:LCH_NW
Critical periods (Biology) CONC:LCH_NW
Half-life (Nuclear physics) CONC:LCH_NW
Written communication CONC:LCH_NW
Language and languages CONC:LCH_NW
Medicine, Eclectic CONC:LCH_NW
Mind and body CONC:LCH_NW