PSI-MS-4_1_100 (3,681) Find_IDs Annotation
license CC BY 4.0
created at 2022-09-05 08:37:12 UTC
updated at 2022-09-05 08:39:44 UTC
Controlled Vocabularies for Proteomics by HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative Mass Spectrometry Standards Working Group and HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative Proteomics Informatics Working Group
truncation and zlib compression MS:1003088
ProteomeDiscoverer:SEQUEST:Weight of z Ions MS:1001696
SEQUEST:sort by z MS:1001094
param: internal yb ion MS:1001406
frag: internal yb ion MS:1001365
param: internal ya ion MS:1001407
frag: internal ya ion MS:1001366
ProteomeDiscoverer:SEQUEST:Weight of y Ions MS:1001695
focus diameter y MS:1000845
ProteomeDiscoverer:SEQUEST:Weight of x Ions MS:1001694
focus diameter x MS:1000844
isolation window upper limit MS:1000793
scan window upper limit MS:1000500
number of unmatched peaks MS:1001362
plane angle unit UO:0000122