MeSH2022Chemical (919,384) Find_IDs Annotation
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created at 2021-12-15 00:40:04 UTC
updated at 2021-12-16 08:15:31 UTC
MeSH® Chemical Terms

Source: ASCII MeSH files (d2022.bin and c2022.bin) downloaded from Dec 14 16:16 (JST)

step1: Selected records that have tree numbers (MN) beginning with 'D' and took preferred term (MH), synonyms (ENTRY and PRINT ENTRY: terms at the left of the first vertical bars), CAS names (N1), and the corresponding MeSH Unique IDs (UI) from the descriptor file (d2022.bin).

step2: Selected records that have descriptor ID (HM) that corresponds to an entry in step1, and took preferred term (NM) and synonyms (SY), and the corresponding MeSH Unique IDs (UI) from the supplementary records file (c2022.bin).
visammin D007666
virus inhibitory protein endoplasmic reticulum-associated interferon-inducible D000090123
viroporins D000086082
viroporin D000086082
virginiamycin factor m1 D025364
viral, vaccines hepatitis D014761
viral, plant movement proteins D053830
viral movement proteins, plant D053830
viral markers D015415
viral major core proteins D014758
viral m proteins D014763
viral gene proteins D014764
viral gene products D014764
viral coat proteins D036022
viprynium D011774