HP_DBCLS (26,052) Find_IDs Annotation
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created at 2016-10-27 14:16:40 UTC
updated at 2016-10-27 14:17:43 UTC
Human Phenotype Ontology
Hypomimia HP:0000338_1
Beaked nose HP:0000444_5
Abnormality of the eye HP:0000478_0
Abnormal eye HP:0000478_1
Eye disease HP:0000478_2
Cataracts HP:0000518_2
Cloudy lens HP:0000518_3
Lens opacities HP:0000518_4
Congenital cataract HP:0000519_0
Blepharophimosis HP:0000581_0
Ocular hypotelorism HP:0000601_5
Closely spaced eyes HP:0000601_6
Eyelid turned in HP:0000621_2
Eyelid folded in HP:0000621_3
Blurred vision HP:0000622_0