FMA Find_IDs Annotation
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created at 2024-01-12 15:34:18 UTC
updated at 2024-01-12 15:44:56 UTC
term from the FMA ontology.
Sourced on 12th January, 2024.
Sourced only the terms under PAE.
Fibrocytus FMA63879
Fibromodulin FMA82826
Fibronectin FMA67311
Fibula FMA24479
Filaggrin FMA63125
Filamin FMA61779
Filipodium FMA0326094
Fimbrin FMA61767
Finger FMA9666
Fingernail FMA54327
Fingertip FMA322377
Flagellum FMA67472
Flank FMA14603
Flatulence FMA78440
Flatus FMA66827