Cell_line (222,314) Find_IDs Annotation
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created at 2021-12-23 05:49:55 UTC
updated at 2021-12-23 07:54:10 UTC
HD 8 yrs CVCL_RV19
T2 (174 x CEM.T2) CVCL_2211
T1 (174 x CEM.T1) CVCL_7904
YZ1 DISC1 wt V2.11 CVCL_JW68
YZ1 DISC1 wt 1.4 CVCL_JW67
NK-92 transfected with pCEP4-LTR-hIL2 CVCL_U271
NK-92 transfected with MFG-hIL2 CVCL_3755
Felis catus whole fetus-4 CVCL_6389
New zealand white Rabbit Corneal Endothelial cells CVCL_9Y58
human Bladder wall Smooth Muscle CVCL_9T95
LT2 [Human vulvar squamous cell carcinoma] CVCL_HX23
Bovine Saphenous vein Endothelial-793 CVCL_A7UG
RCC4 plus vector alone CVCL_UY81
SH-SY5Y-pLNCX2 empty vector CVCL_UJ96
OCI-Ly-3 Boston variant CVCL_AT69