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lexical items in the lifescience DB
"Actinomyces flocculus" Duche 1934
"Actinomyces fulvissimus" Jensen 1930
"Actinomyces fulvoviridis" Kutschaeva et al.
"Actinomyces fumanus" Sveshnikova in Gauze et al. 1957
"Actinomyces fumarius" (sic) in Danga and Gottlieb 1959
"Actinomyces gedanensis" (Lohlein) Bergey et al.
"Actinomyces gelaticus" Waksman 1923
"Actinomyces glaucescens" Preobrazhenskaya in Gauze et al. 1957
"Actinomyces glaucosporus" Krasil'nikov et al. 1968
"Actinomyces glaucus" Lehmann and Schutze 1912
"Actinomyces globosus" Krasil'nikov 1941
"Actinomyces gougeroti" (sic) Duche 1934
"Actinomyces griseoflavus" Krainsky 1914
"Actinomyces griseoloalbus" Kudrina in Gauze et al. 1957
"Actinomyces griseolus" Waksman 1923