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lexical items in the lifescience DB
"Actinomyces coeliatus" Krasil'nikov et al.
"Actinomyces coerulescens" Preobrazhenskaya in Gauze et al. 1957
"Actinomyces cremeus" Kudrina in Gauze et al. 1957
"Actinomyces cyaneofuscatus" Kudrina in Gauze et al. 1957
"Actinomyces cyaneogriseus" Yen
"Actinomyces cyaneus" Krasil'nikov 1941
"Actinomyces cyanocolor" Krasil'nikov et al.
"Actinomyces cyanogenus" Krasil'nikov et al.
"Actinomyces diastatochromogenes" Krainsky 1914
"Actinomyces erythreus" (sic) Waksman 1923
"Actinomyces farcinicus" (Trevisan 1889) Gasperini 1892
"Actinomyces fimbriatus" Millard and Burr 1926.
"Actinomyces finlayi" Szabo et al. 1963
"Actinomyces flaveolus" Waksman 1923
"Actinomyces flavidovirens" Kudrina in Gauze et al. 1957