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lexical items in the lifescience DB
"Actinobacillus seminis" Baynes and Simmons 1960
"Actinobacterium meyeri" Prevot 1938
"Actinobifida chromogena" Krasil'nikov and Agre 1965
"Actinobifida dichotomica" Krasil'nikov and Agre 1964
"Actinocladothrix bovis" (Harz 1877) Gasperini 1892
"Actinomadura macer" (sic) Celmer et al. 1979
"Actinomyces Gibsoni" (sic) Dodge 1935
"Actinomyces Gibsonii" (sic) Erikson 1935
"Actinomyces albohelvatus" Krasil'nikov et al.
"Actinomyces albosporeus" Krainsky 1914
"Actinomyces almquisti" (sic) Duche 1934
"Actinomyces ansochromogenes" Yen and Zhang
"Actinomyces anthocyanicus" Krasil'nikov et al. 1965
"Actinomyces aureocirculatus" Krasil'nikov and Yuan 1965
"Actinomyces aureomonopodiales" Krasil'nikov and Yuan