HP_Subset_Garvan (301,115)
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created at 2016-10-28 06:14:28 UTC
updated at 2016-10-31 03:44:17 UTC
A dictionary for testing, incorporating subset of 460 HPO terms with their lexical variants.
abnormal axial skeletonizing morphology HP:0009121_1792
abnormal axial skeletons morphologic HP:0009121_1789
abnormal axial skeletons morphological HP:0009121_1787
abnormal axial skeletons morphologically HP:0009121_1788
abnormal axial skeletons morphologies HP:0009121_1790
abnormal axial skeletons morphologist HP:0009121_1791
abnormal axial skeletons morphologists HP:0009121_1786
abnormal axial skeletons morphology HP:0009121_1785
abnormal axiality skeletal morphologic HP:0009121_1628
abnormal axiality skeletal morphological HP:0009121_1626
abnormal axiality skeletal morphologically HP:0009121_1627
abnormal axiality skeletal morphologies HP:0009121_1629
abnormal axiality skeletal morphologist HP:0009121_1630
abnormal axiality skeletal morphologists HP:0009121_1625
abnormal axiality skeletal morphology HP:0009121_1624